Lactosan Cheese Powder makes your cakes even more delicious

The Lactosan application team is pleased to introduce you to a newly developed recipe of a classic cheese cake.

We have replaced gelatine traditionally applied to obtain a firm and cuttable consistency by a combination of potato starch and cellulose gum. Moreover, we have used our vegetarian Lactosan Cheese Cream Building Block to make a vegetarian Cheese cake. 


Draw your inspiration from the following Cheese cake recipe with Lactosan Cream Cheese Building Block



It’s our pleasure to assist you

We encourage you to contact usfor inspiration and advice on how to make great tasting applications using Lactosan Cheese Powder.

Fat_Fillings_Lactosan_Cheese_Powder   Woman_Cheese_Cake   Cheese_Mornay_Sauce



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There are nearly 2000 different varieties of cheese in the world. Cheese has been around since ancient times. Murals in Egyptian tombs that depict che...
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