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Cakes and cookies form the core of a new consumer trend for tasty ‘on-the-go’ products. Snackbars are also growing in popularity for their convenience and nutritional benefits. Lactosan Cheese Powders can help you meet the exact flavour profile and declaration requirements you need for your next big success, such as gluten-free, reduced sodium content or a specific cheese type.

France and the United Kingdom are the most active markets in Sweet Baked Goods launches in Europe (2019) 

Udklip Sweet goods bakery trends Europe

(Source: Innova Market Insights, November 2020)

Helping you to stand out

Our Cheese Powders act as a multifunctional ingredient to help improve a variety of factors, including a creamier mouthfeel, longer-lasting freshness and even to achieve a golden colour.

Our Cheese Powders can also help you to enhance the flavour of your product. It is the easiest way to add real cheese into a cake premix and can also be used to create a wide range of delicious icings and creams eg. in combination with our cheese fillings solutions.  

Top 5 flavors for Sweet Baked Goods in Europe

Udklip Sweet goods bakery trends Europe - top flavors

(Source: Innova Market Insights, November 2020)

Innovation through experience

Over the years, Lactosan’s Cheese Powders have been the essential ingredient behind many winning products. For example, we have helped customers in Asia mask off-flavours from minerals and vitamins in their protein bars, while at the same time naturally increasing protein content. We have also enabled customers to replace butter in cookies with a mixture of vegetable fat and Cheese Powder, which gave a better cost-in-use ratio while maintaining the desired taste profile.

We’re ready to help

If you have ambitions to launch a new product or improve an existing one, let us tell you more about our innovative new recipes and explore where our expertise can support you best. We are standing by to help bring your next big success to life.


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