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Cheese Powder is widely used as a natural flavour enhancer for many types of confectionery products, and consumers today are keen to experiment with new and exciting flavour directions. At Lactosan, we can help you to understand the many benefits of using Cheese Powder, from better authentic flavour profiles to improved functionalities, that will bring your confectionery concepts to life.

The ideal ingredient

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders are a perfect ingredient for many different types of confectionery products, such as fillings for chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate fondue and other chocolate compounds. Here, Cheese Powders are typically applied to accentuate a specific cheese note or to add ‘body’ to round off or enhance complementary flavours and flavour directions.

Our experts can help you to use Cheese Powder for a range of other benefits, such as greater convenience for your production process and to reduce the need for unwanted additives. The addition of Lactosan Cheese Powders can also help to support your declaration requirements.  

We offer the industry a broad range of Cheese Powder varieties, including a range of provenance Cheese Powders. For confectionery applications, some of the most popular are: Mascarpone, Cream Cheese, Fromage Frais and Brunost.

New ideas and directions

We are constantly looking for better ways to support our customers’ needs. We have helped customers in both Asia and Europe using Mascarpone to create delicious chocolate fillings with an unusual – but very successful – new twist.

We are here to help you

Our experts are standing by to help you develop your next winning confectionery product. We bring the right level of expertise and experience to the process, so you can bring your next success to the table. 

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