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Quality, flavour and juiciness

At Lactosan, our pure Cheese Powders are the perfect ingredient to enhance the quality of your meat and meat substitute products. We’ve been researching the properties of Cheese Powder to see how best they can augment or enhance flavours, improve umami and kokumi and even reduce the need for additives such as MSG. Let us help you to create exciting new products that meet specific flavour profiles and support your declaration requirements.

Perfect for meat or meat substitutes

As well as ensuring a delicious taste, our Cheese Powders can be used to help improve the juiciness in many product types, for example fermented and emulsified sausages, meatballs and brines for injections and tumbling.

We are working with international universities to learn how Cheese Powder can give meat substitutes a more realistic, meaty taste, and to improve the flavour of added spices. This also enables us to offer more detailed information and documentation on the qualities of Cheese Powder to help support your production and marketing needs.

Trends from InnovaMarketInsights

  • Meat is gradually losing its place as a center-of-plate item. Instead, meals are becoming more veg-centric, with premium protein ingredients added for flavor (and for their protein content, of course). This is a clear manifestation of the flexitarian trend, which is still going strong.
  • As consumers add more protein to their diets, they are reaching for meat snacks to fill the gap between meals. In some cases, the snack is becoming the meal.

  • Clean label will be the debating point of the future in meat, fish and seafood alternatives. At present, the labels of most of these products are many lines long and everything but “clean.” This aspect needs tackling as the category becomes ever more crowded and competitive.
  • As reflected in the free from trend, consumers’ preferences and needs are diversifying like never before, and this opens up a gamut of possibilities for novel meat alternatives. Lab-grown meat, once it reaches a viable price point, will create a whole new angle to the debate of what it means to be vegetarian. And while strict vegetarians are likely to reject this type of offering, it stands a reasonable chance of being accepted by flexitarians.

Making food taste great

Our experts have been working with customers worldwide to improve their meat and meat substitute applications. For example, we recently supported a European company by using Cheese Powder to add a distinctive Blue Cheese flavour to their sausages. We also helped another business to enhance umami and flavour of their marinated meat and add extra juiciness.

Expertise at your service

At Lactosan, we are constantly working with leading universities to find better ways in which Cheese Powder can help to solve your challenges. Contact us today to find out what our innovative approach and extensive product portfolio can do for you. 

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