Cheese Powder is becoming a popular addition to pet food thanks to its stronger flavours and aroma, and a higher fat content. However, pet owners are even more discerning than ever before. People today want to ensure they are giving their pet the best food possible, and are often willing to pay a premium for products that contain quality ingredients such as real cheese.

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(source: InnovaMarketInsights, 2018)

Broad multifunctional benefits

At Lactosan, our pure Cheese Powders are the perfect way to ensure your wet or dry pet food products stand out. Not only can we help you to create just the right flavour that pets find irresistible, but our broad variety of Cheese Powder solutions also provide a range of other functional benefits. These include adding more moisture and body to your product, reduced salt, and even to develop gluten-free options.

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If you have ambitions to launch a new product or improve an existing one, let us tell you more about our innovative new recipes and explore where our expertise can support you best. We are standing by to help bring your next big success to life.


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