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Pack your meals with flavour

As peoples’ lives get ever busier, demand continues to grow for fresh and frozen ready meals, including higher quality gourmet options. Furthermore, as the food service industry expands into new markets, such as kindergarden, hospitals and homes for the elderly, many businesses are also demanding new ready meal concepts that are tastier and healthier. At Lactosan, our Cheese Powders can help you to develop new ready meal directions that are meals packed with natural flavours and require fewer additives.

Perfect for every market

Our Cheese Powders can be used in a variety of ready meal applications, such as lasagne, soufflés, fondues, breaded cheese sticks, pies, and pasties. This can either be where a specific cheese note is required or to help enhance or mask other flavours. At Lactosan, we can also help you to develop new flavour directions and to improve the umami and kokumi sensation of meat and meat-free dishes.

Cheese Powder can be applied as a functional ingredient to improve the final end-product. You can also use Cheese Powder to add a creamier texture or to boost flavours for specific markets, such as in hospitals and homes for elderly, where people may require food with a stronger taste.

Typical examples of cheese notes for ready meals are Gorgonzola, extra hard cheese (Italian style) and Cream Cheese, or Cheddar in classic Mac & Cheese.

Replace the need for fresh cheese

We’ve been supporting customer needs for ready meals for years. Recently, our Cheese Powders have been instrumental in helping customers in Asia and Europe to add a distinctive cheese flavour to their products and greater convenience in their production process (such as easier dosage), replacing their need for fresh cheese.

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Let’s explore opportunities together

At Lactosan we know exactly how Cheese Powder can help you to improve the quality of your ready meal products, as well as reduce unwanted ingredients and boost natural flavours. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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