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Ready-made sauces, particularly for pasta, potato, rice and vegetable dishes, remain a popular choice for consumers. However, people still expect delicious flavours and quality ingredients. Lactosan Cheese Powders can make all the difference for your sauces and can even help you to charge a premium by declaring real or provenance cheese on your packaging.

A broad range of advantages

Our Cheese Powders offer a unique combination of taste, functionality and convenience in sauce recipes where either dry mix, UHT or pasteurized solutions are applied. Using our low lactose Cheese Powders, you can also reduce the risk of Maillard reaction during heat treatment, while maintaining end-product stability.

When compared to fresh cheese, Lactosan’s Cheese Powders can add a superior flavour and texture, and are easier to manage during production with greater maturation stability and simpler storage requirements.  Flavour profiles can be tailored to suit local preferences by adding region-specific, mild or matured Cheese Powder varieties, and new cheese varieties can be applied more easily to the process.

We offer a broad range of Cheese Powders to choose from, including provenance, organic, vegetarian and halal. The most popular for sauces are: Mornay, Béchamel, Carbonara, Smoked Cheese and 4-Cheese varieties. 

Trends according to InnovaMarketInsights

  • Traditional remains a popular claim, whether for local or ethnic cuisines, with terms such as authentic, classic, homemade, etc. continuing to be featured with reference to ingredients, recipes and production processes.
  • Sauces with hidden vegetables and organic ingredients aimed at cooking for children are on the rise.
  • Cooking sauces also focused on offering healthy products, as health-related claims are on the rise. For instance, digestive gut health, high/source of fiber and no added sugar were among the fastest growing claims in 2017.
  • Ethnic flavours, especially Japanese, were among the fastest growing flavours in 2017.
  • Top 5 flavours for cooking sauces in 2017 were: Red Tomato, Soy Sauce, Spices, Garlic and Curry. Red Tomato lead across all regions except Asia.

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2018 June_Soups_and_sauces_up_for_a_flavor_adventure

Working with international brands

We recently helped a large international brand to expand their range of pre-made sauces using new cheese flavour profiles. A different customer replaced fresh cheese with our Cheese Powders in their dry mix sauce to improve overall flavour and to reduce production costs.

We are standing by to help

Lactosan has years of experience helping businesses like yours to create superior pre-made or dry mix sauces. We know how to make your production process simpler and ensure that you can offer a higher quality product. If you want to explore your options using Cheese Powder, get in touch with us today.

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