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Demand for soups is increasing, particularly in Asia where pre-made noodle soups are especially popular. However, some markets are now limiting the use of additives such as MSG in many food applications and, as a result, producers are looking for alternative ways to meet flavour profiles. At Lactosan, our Cheese Powders are the perfect ingredient to develop the right taste and body for your soups, and can offer a more uniform quality than using fresh cheese.

Standard, dry mix or frozen

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders offer a unique combination of taste, functionality and convenience in soup recipes where either dry mix, UHT or pasteurized solutions are applied. We offer a broad range of varieties that boost umami and kokumi, and can also be used to support your declaration and labelling requirements, for example declaring provenance cheeses or organic solutions.

Our Cheese Powders can be used for a wide variety of flavour directions, including Cream of Tomato (where our powders can add creaminess and cheese notes), Broccoli and Stilton, Mushroom, Curry and Thai soups, and many more. We can also work with you to create exciting new flavours or soup-based products such as Cup Noodles, Ramen or Tomato Soups.

Cost efficient, better results

We’ve been inspiring customers for years with new ways to help bring their ideas to life. For example, we worked with an Asian customer to improve their canned soups by replacing three fresh cheeses with one Cheese Powder, which not only produced a more flavoursome result but also lowered their storage and handling costs. Another customer used our Cheese Powder to add “real cheese” to the labelling of their Spinach and Mascarpone soup, positioning it as a premium product.

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Contact us today to find out how our Cheese Powders can provide the perfect balance of flavour and functionality. Not only do we bring the right solutions to the table, but we are bursting with ideas on how to help you develop the next big soup success. 

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