LACTOSAN NCB - Natural Culinary Boosters®

The natural ingredients for a Cleaner Label

  • Speciality Cheese Powders with taste and flavour enhancing properties as well as the possibility to reduce sodium and mask off flavours.

We have developed a range of Cheese Powders, Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary

Boosters®, which have a taste multifunctional effect. These products are produced from specific types of matured cheeses with properties that makes them capable of replacing MSG, yeast extract, ribotide and dairy flavours. 

Furthermore, Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary Boosters® can reduce salt and mask off flavours 

Benefits of NCB

This range of speciality cheese powders are based on carefully selected, naturally matured cheeses and can be used as taste enhancer in a variety of food and flavour systems such as ready meals, savoury snacks, biscuits, sauces, dips and dressings.

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