16-06-2020 | 
Marketing Dept.

We have made the biggest cheese in the world into a convenient ingredient

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The Emmental cheese is said to be the King of Cheese, and with its distinctive taste it is a fantastic ingredient in many applications.


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At Lactosan A/S we have made the Emmental Cheese into a convenient easy-to-use ingredient with no ripening, long shelf life and still kept the authentic, aromatic and fruity taste with no additives.

The Use

Lactosan Emmental Cheese Powders are very suitable in many different applications i.e. pie filling, ready meals, soups, sauces and seasonings for snacks. We offer Emmental Powders both in vegetarian/Halal as well as non-vegetarian/non-Halal versions.

Get inspired

If you are looking for the secret ingredient behind your next success - then contact our R&D Department to get inspirational recipes with our great tasting Emmental Cheese Powders.

See our Emmental Cheese Powder flyer here: