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Do you prefer white or yellow Cheddar Cheese?

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At Lactosan A/S we have made one of the most popular cheeses in the world, the Cheddar Cheese, into a convenient easy to use ingredient with no ripening, long shelf life and still kept the authentic and aromatic tastes with no additives.

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The Cheddar Cheese

The Cheddar Cheese originates from the village Cheddar in Somerset in south west England and has been produced since at least the 12th century. Today Cheddar Cheeses are produced all over the world and the production grows every year. Some of the biggest producers are: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.

White or Yellow?

Cheddar is divided in two categories; White and Yellow. The only difference being the addition of Annatto to the yellow type without giving any significant taste or odour to the cheese. 

The Taste & Benefits of the Lactosan Cheddar Cheese Powder Range
With our wide range of Cheddar Cheese Powders, Lactosan can offer a big variation of taste profiles ranging from very mild products with a creamy, buttery and nutty taste profile to quite strong products with a more pungent and sharp taste profile.

Moreover, Lactosan Cheddar Cheese Powders are a very flexible ingredient with a lot of functions, suitable for numerous applications and give not only taste, but also mouthfeel and functionality. The dried form ensures a shelf life up to 18 months without any ripening or any other unwanted change of taste or loss. Lactosan Cheddar Cheese Powders are available in both vegetarian/halal and non-vegetarian/non-Halal certified versions as well as an organic type and a type without emulsifying salt.

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