The passion to DELIVER

We love what we do at Lactosan, which is why we put as much into providing a complete service as we do complete solutions. We’ve brought together the best minds in the business who excel in their roles – and who focus on nothing but Cheese Powder to give you a personal and bespoke result. 

A smarter approach

Only Lactosan is researching better ways to help you maximise flavour and minimise additives. Actually, no other provider worldwide specialises in nothing but Cheese Powder, which means only we can offer the perfect blend of innovation and experience to meet your needs across applications, markets and marketing. 

Lactosan brings a unique depth of insight and a proven approach to every project, with a fast and flexible service from development to delivery. 

Unlock new potential

Producers worldwide are facing increasing pressure to develop healthier, better tasting foods and cleaner labelling. 

When used effectively, the natural functionality of Cheese Powder can help you reduce additives and salt, maximise or 

mask flavours, or enhance the quality of your product in many other ways. 

Every new customer comes to us with  their own unique requirements and together we can apply our research most effectively to your needs. For example, some producers have been using our Lactosan NCB Natural Culinary Boosters® as a natural alternative to traditional industrial flavour enhancers such as HVP and MSG, and our recent research with Copenhagen University has enabled us to manufacture Cheese Powders with zero melting salts and still retain the same great taste and mouthfeel.   

A touch of science

Lactosan’s  commitment to research drives our ability to deliver value and innovation. That’s why for many years, we’ve been working with leading organisations and universities to explore the composition of cheese, and discover how it can be used to improve our customers’ products. 

Where other suppliers will sell you commodities and additional ingredients to achieve your desired functionality, we are learning how cheese can reduce ingredients  and improve characteristics such as flavour, consistency and baking stability. Not only does this enable us to collaborate more closely with your R&D teams, but it ensures your solution meets your brief and shortens time-to-market.

As your partner, we can work closely with you across all segments to help inspire and streamline the delivery of new product ideas.

Contact us to learn how we can work together on your next product launch.

With Lactosan, you have the people, passion and process you need to bring your next product to life